Total Number of Remotes

Does anyone know the total number of remote users that can log in at the same time?


Mike …


It that a total of 25 at the same time?


Well yes the software allows 25 at one time.  But how happy they will be I have no clue.  The box has 2gb ram and a Atom CPU.  Plus I have no clue what kind of internet connection you or your remote users have.  Are these users remoteing to their desktops?  Are you trying to stream video to 25 remote folks at once?

I will probally have 7 or 8 users with access rights. I doubt if they will all be accessing it at the same time.

But from time to time there might be 2 maybe 3 logged in at the same time.

This would be to access office documents and files. Not stream any files.

Normally on a Windows Server on 1 can remote in at a time unless you purchase additional licenses.

Thanks for you help.

Mike …

Remote is diff here.  You are not RDP to the server desktop, that is still one.

This has RWW/RWA what ever acronym they are using this week.

Remote Web Work Place

Remote Web Access

Users (25) may get to the built in website to get to shared folders on the server AND they have the option to Remote (RDP) to their own desktops at work (Supported desktops (not home versions)

Let me see if I can find a demo/link

Not exactly what I was looking for.  This is for Home server, but WD/WSSe is the same just more users   You will just have to sufffer through the media part.  Youtube

If you have any questions just holler and I will do what I can