TOS optical issue

Hi , dont know if possible but i use a tos splitter…

Works fine, but when i do standby the hub (i mean goes poweroff and still works the HD) , the light of optical still alive. If possible turn off this? cause the splitter cant works with 2 signals powered.





I have an the almost identical splitter for my setup.

I use the WDTV Live Hub and the Playstation 3 with it.

If i want to play PS3 with Surround… i press and hold the Red Power button on the WD Remote for a few seconds until the WDTV Live Hub turns off  completely.  (No Red Optical Light Anymore and No HDD Access)

When finished playing PS3 i shut it down via the Controller… and even though the PS3 shows a ‘Standyby’ light the Red Optical is Disabled.  Then i simply Power Up the WD Live Hub again and watch a movie.

Everything is done via Remote Controls.


thx for the reply, yep this way works i tryed before, but my  idea is in standby mode tos optical goes off. I leave in standby the WDC cause i can access in home to HD and put new movies without goes to wdc and power on.



Ahh, i see… you need the WDTV Live Hub still active on a Network whilst in Standby.

Im not on a network, which is why i went with the spittler.

However, i did buy a Source Selector a year ago… never bothered hooking it up after moving into the new place.

Works great via a Remote to Switch Sources… Including Optical Audio (or you could just use it as an optical source selector) … it was pretty cheap too !

Just gotta find the Remote Control for it now !  (it’s a small credit card size remote)