Top Kudoed Authors on community home page


I am just wondering if someone manipulates the kudo numbers on the WD community’s home page. Just 3 or 4 days ago the number of kudos I had on that section was 25, along with another forum contributor, Ralphael. Since then I have noticed that number go down by one or two a day for me even though I have received a couple judos in the last few days, while at the same time other folks’ kudos remain unchanged. How are those kudo counts tallied? Not that I really care, but something seemsvery fishy in the way those numbers are tallied.



It probably depends on how you have your preferences set.

Go to “My Settings”

Click the “Preferences” tab.

Click the Kudos section

… and select how you want Kudos to be totalled.

Aah, okay, didn’t know about that. Thanks Tony. It’s a bit odd though that the software would allow different counting mechanism for the same roster…I’d have thought it would apply it’s own uniform time-frame for all folks. Anyway, it is what it is…no biggie.

Also, it’s based on a period of time, i.e. for the last month.  So, if you had one of your kudos fall on a date that has been dropped, then you can lose one kudo on the count.