Too much space used by "Additional Files" to perform backup

I recently updated my WD SmartWare software and proceeded to backup my laptop.

The backup stopped as I was told that there was not enough room left to back up all files.

My breakdown is this:

I have a 1TB (930GB when viewed through WD SmartWare) external hard drive (My Passport)

I have 325GB of personal files on the drive not as part of the backup system

BUT: SmartWare is telling me that I have 720 GB of “Additional Files,” not 325, which is what I have

It then tells me I only have about 210 GB left of room for backing up my ~350GB of content that is on my PC, and won’t let me backup everything.

I have a feeling this might be related to the recent software update, but I can find no way to find/delete the extra 395 GB of files that SmartWare claims I have.

Please help! I’d like to make sure I have copies of all my files on hand.

The additional files were files backed up with an earlier release of smartware

If you remove you will remove unsaved data

if you want to remove data and start from scratch

delete the backup folder ( smartware.stor ) , uninstall and reinstall the software