Too many connections from your internet address

trying to setup internet backup and keep getting this error on a new share…

There are too many connections from your internet address.

All help appreciated.

Is it just me or does this product seem clunky? Coming soon to a returns pile near you!

It only allows one FTP connection at a time. You can change that value if you must.

Thanks I would love to know how to change it as I have 6 computers that need access to the nas and this limitation renders the product useless to me. I looked in the settings screen and did not seem to find anthing relevant.

Thanks again.

Check this:

my book live 1tb root login

I’m not sure how to login to the box. port 513 no answer, port 23 no answer, port 80 answers but just sits there. Please explain how to login so I can edit these preferences.


Search is your friend:

yes indeed search is a friend. your instructions were excellent. i was able to get ssh with putty and make the changes, box works like a champ now.

i went the extra mile and put on fpkmgr and web access. fun!

kudos on the great help tony.

urnoes: you should mark this thread as ‘Solved’ !