*.tmp.exe files created in temp directory, malware flag

Hitman Pro has been flagging application files in my temp directory with various names (*.tmp.exe) as malware and placing them in quarantine. After much investigation I discovered that the files are being created when WD Discovery software is loaded…what is going on?

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the same thing happens
Hitmanpro find virus
But it did not exist before
Why western digital ???

Beats me why it’s happening. The only solution is to not run WD Discovery software…not that I really need it anyway. The community has been remarkably silent on my issue so I’m not sure what to make of that.

you are so right, the same thing is bendede and I did not find it anywhere else on the internet
wd I can not figure out how to do something like this. big on the internet this just happened to both of us

you also have to find wd that you have to find a solution to this virus officially

This is a constant issue. Every time i start my PC my firewall pops up and alerts me to another *.temp.exe file that was created by Western Digital. The file is unsigned and runs like malware. Ii opened the local temp folder and found hundreds of these *.temp.exe files. WD needs to sort this out and should explain exactly why these executable are being randomly created after boot and why it needs internet access every time.