Timed shutdown and timed restart


Hey there,

I really like the easy use of the home product line. However, one feature I really miss here is the ability to define a time interval where the cloud is shutted down. For example: No one in my familiy does need the cloud at night. So it is really useless that the box is up and running during the night. It would really help if there would be an option to automatically shut down the cloud at a certain time in the evening and restart it in the morning.
Since there is already an option to shut down the box or restart it, it should not be a problem to implement such a function, right?




Hi @mauzenLi
Really good idea!!


Agreed I think a timed shutdown would be a really good idea


Where is the option to shut down the box or restart it?


I’d like to have it. Please WD it’s not difficult! Just a firmware and app update!!!