Time to mirgrate from my legacy My Book Live to a newer device like My Cloud Home?

Hello! Although my My Book Live 3 TB (purchased 2012) works still fine und fullfills my Needs, i wonder if it is time to migrate to a new device? Since i’ve stored all my critical data on my personal cloud for access from all my end devices (Win-PC, iMac, iPhones, iPads) in my home Network or from remote. The data is of Course backuped to an external My Passport Device regularily. Anyhow, as the hard drives get older i’m concerned about data loss throgh upcoming Hardware failures. I’ve seen the new WD products on the Personal Cloud/Nas section and i would be happy if somebody could recommend a WD product for my Needs. I still didn’t figure out the difference between My Cloud home, My Cloud, My Cloud Pro and Expert Series. My need, as described, would be a personal storage to store all my critical data (documents, media files, photos, music, video, presentations, spreadsheets, scans, etc.) and access them from remote or within my home Network. For data security reasons i would also tend to mirror the data to my old My cloud Live device, if technically feasable. Thanks for your advice.