TIME SENSITIVE - the port on the G-drive seems to have slipped inside the drive - can't connect it


The actual port on the G-drive (I have a 1 TB drive that I use to backup my MacBook Pro) seems to have slipped out of place and inside the drive. I can see it but its too deep to connect the wire to. What can I do? (Everything I own is on that drive and, to make matters worse, I just had a crash of my hard drive and had it replaced by Apple last night - its when I went to restore my drive that I had this problem.) TIME SENSITIVE - I need to do this back up!


In that case if you need the data your best option is to open the case, remove the drive and place in another case with a working USB port.

Something like this: External enclosure


Sounds like part of the internal structure that held that port in place has failed. it may be possible to open the housing and repair it. I’d strongly recommend wearing a static discharge wristband that’s attached to a ground, and the drive unplugged from AC and everything else for ten minutes or so, before loosening the first screw.

With your MBP out of commission, I’d suggest taking this external to an authorized repair center. Best wishes