Time machine wont backup to new MBLD - AFP problem

After a restore from a safepoint to a new MBLD , TM wont backup. It says (The network backup disk does not support the required AFP features. )

Why is a factory new MBLD saying this ?  What is it ? How do I fix it ?

I had 2 x TM backups on it from the restore. I was told by WD that they wont work from my laptop any more & said delete them. I did. Now Cant seem to be able to create a new TM backup . WD , I hate you.

Hi, check if the links below help, map the my book and try again to use time machine.



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Thanks Alu ,

Support ( level 2 ) spent hours trying to fix it.  There conclusion was to do FULL factory restore. I did this. I have now created a new TM backup.

Alu ,  Are you aware of anyone that has restored a drive from their safe point ( Inc TM ) and been able to continue their TM backup to the replaced drive ??? Support tell me the restored TM can never be used … !  What is their famous safepoint good for then ?? Re-name it trap point.

So if you only had 1 backup drive with the safepoint inc TM , you have lost all TM backups completely.  Everyone should be told about this. All WD doc’s say Safepoint inc TM are backed up. Backed up in theory , but useless. 

Please do correct me if I ( and support ) have it wrong ??