Time Machine setup and My Book Live Duo

Having recently taken the plunge to switch from Windows to Mac, I thought I’d get a decent backup drive as well. Not wanting to plump for the thunderbolt option, I went for the MBLD that I’ve attached to my home wireless network and that’s where the problems seem to start. Despite trying a number of times, I can’t get Time Machine to run properly. I’ve had a couple of error messages but the current one I keep getting is error -1, sparse bundle not being found. This being after the time machine application seeming to take forever to find the backup drive. Any suggestions on what I need to do to overcome this ? Thanks Graham, UK

Be sure to update the MBLD to the latest firmware. 


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This worked but think the factory restore also helped as all working now…albeit 27 hrs plus so far to get the backup complete ! Thanks for the help anyway. Much appreciated. Graham


For performance problems with MBLD and time machine have a look at this:


I have an iMac and Mac Laptop, both running IOS Lion.  i am looking to buy WD Live Book Duo and use it as a back-up drive as well as external storage device for both macs.  I have heard andd read that the WD device has issues 1. with time machine and 2. working with Lion.  is this this true?  What issues if any will I face?  Does time-capsule work with the WD device or does the back-up get executed without time machine?  I am looking to do this wirelessly.  Thanks for any guidance before I make the purchase. 

Ops, I meant time machine in my post above