Time Machine Rage

I have had it.  After a 5 day , 166GB Time Machine backup, I get this message from Time Machine:

Time Machine completed a verification of your backups. To improve reliability, Time Machine must create a new backup for you.

This from a machine that is attached over 1GB Ethernet. I have already given up on my other two Wifi attached Macs.  I have the latest firmware. The WD Live drive is simply not capable of supporting Time Machine. For whatever reason, it just can not do what it claims. 

I won’t send the drive back (heck the LEDs failed completely a year ago). It makes a good whole house drive for storing music and homework, but the reason I bought it was to backup 3 Macs. Extremely disappointing.

Console output shows an error or two, but the Mac simply reports “Filesystem dirty”. 

5/1/12 8:07:33.540 AM com.apple.backupd: Starting standard backup
5/1/12 8:07:33.632 AM com.apple.backupd: Attempting to mount network destination URL: afp://;AUTH=No%20User%20Authent@MyBookLive.local/TimeMachine
5/1/12 8:07:33.883 AM mds: ERROR: _MDSChannelInitForAFP: AFPSendSpotLightRPC failed -1
5/1/12 8:07:33.896 AM com.apple.backupd: Mounted network destination at mountpoint: /Volumes/TimeMachine using URL: afp://;AUTH=No%20User%20Authent@MyBookLive.local/TimeMachine
5/1/12 8:07:34.000 AM kernel: ASP_TCP CheckReqQueueSize: increasing req queue from 32 to 128 entries. so 0xac605b8 
5/1/12 8:07:34.000 AM kernel: AFP_VFS afpfs_mount: /Volumes/TimeMachine, pid 6963
5/1/12 8:07:56.442 AM com.apple.backupd: QUICKCHECK ONLY; FILESYSTEM DIRTY
5/1/12 8:07:56.923 AM com.apple.backupd: Runtime corruption detected on /Volumes/TimeMachine/Chip iMac.sparsebundle (fsck_hfs -q termination status: 3)

This now occurs on a weekly basis. Weekly.

So I am done. Off to buy another harddrive that I leave attached. But I have no solution for the other Mac’s that are mobile. Sigh. 

Well must certainly is not a problem on the My Book Live per se.,

this error messages indicates a corrupted backup… the strange part is that you are having the issue on 3 computers…

You did not mention if you tried creating another backup plan… 

Mine is connected wirelessly and so far I’ve never got this msg 

Thanks Wizer.

This is the fourth full backup in 2 months. This one was created last Friday, and took until Sunday nite to complete (166GB). On Tuesday, Time Machine started up, and reported corrupt backup. 

This exact scenario happened on other two Macs, and I have not had the patience to start them over again for nearly a month. It simply takes days and days of leaving your laptop running, remembering NOT to shut the lid.

I have the exact same problem.  Since about January, every 2-3 weeks Time Machine claims that my backup is corrupted and must create a new one.

I’m thinking it’s really Apple’s fault, but not sure.  Like you, I bought this drive to use primarily for Time Machine backups over the network. 

Has anyone solved this?

I just found this:  http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=mbworld and wonder if it will fix it.  Going to try it tonight…