Time machine gone

I have a MyBook world that I have been backing up my iMac on for several years. The hard drive on the iMac was failing so I looked for a Time Machine backup before replacing the hard drive. The latest backup was A few days prior. After the iMac was repaired I connected to the MyBook and there was nothing there. Time machine did not even see the drive. After looking at the boards and the WD support pages, a firmware update was suggested. I had to use an old MacBook to update the firmware. Once this was done the iMac could see the MyBook as a time machine but there was no file to restore! Where did my time machine backups go and how can I get to them. Please help.


Sorry to hear you cant access your backup. Have you tried power cycling the drive after the firmware update? Also make sure it is plugged into a wall outlet. Avoid any power strips, surge protectors or extension cords.