Time Machine failing on MyBookLive, even after latest firmware update

Screen Shot 2011-11-18 at 5.47.57 PM.png

This all started a few weeks ago. Not sure what has caused this to happen going to MyBookLive. I have another Mac on the network and that one works fine. Not sure if having mulitple Mac s going to is the problem. It has been happening since that last two versions of firmware, even after the update this morning.

Both Mac s running latest version of OS X LION. The one that is failing is my mid-2010 Macbook Pro, new 2011 Macbook Air is fine.

Any help?

I can’t see the pics until a mod gives green light.

Since only that Mac has the problem then what if you try connecting it directly to the router as well as the MBL and disconnect all other computers from the network to check if there is a conflic?

It’s a sparse bundle error. I found that my backups became corrupted. There is a repair option through command line but I just deleted the backups and will start over. I also clone my drive weekly so I have a valid back ups but that was annoying.