Time Machine cannot access MyCloudEX2Ultra

When I attempt to access a time machine backup I previously created on a USB share (so it worked before), I get the Time Machine window wanting my name and password. It populates with my mac username, so I change it to “admin” and my EX2Ultra password. It attempts to connect and then goes straight back to the same window with my mac username. Again and again. It seems to recognise the password as correct because when I put in an incorrect password the window shakes, as it does for an incorrect password. This issue came up in a 2014 post, long pre-OS 5 and EX2 Ultra. At that time, logging in as Guest seemed to be the answer, but logging in now as guest just reverts to the window wanting the registered user log-in and password. Any help gratefully accepted.

Hi @sdhog ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

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I can confirm this issue, and it seems to be a SAMBA/WD bug.

If you can ssh into your mycloudex2ultra use the top utility and the process will show up with status running not nice (R<) like so:
26919 32271 user R< 114m 11.2 1 0.2 smbd -D

After a backup, that process will linger on and block the access to the sparse bundle. Simply killing the process should solve it.

An alternative to get around this, is not using SMB at all and rather user NFS or some other access mode to the drive. Also Western Digital could dig more and fix whatever is causing SAMBA to keep this process lingering and blocking access.

Hope this helps, because this is a great product and a shame that a lot of Apple users have this issue and WD doesn’t seem to care to fix it.