Time Machine backup

I was advised to “do a Time Machine backup” onto my MyBook drive in order to get a clone because I am replacing the hard drive on my MacBook. I think I did it. (I think I did 2 of them actually since I didn’t realize it was set to do it hourly.) 

Now, how do I know that it was backed up to the drive? How can I check it? I went into the restore portion of the WD SmartWare but wasn’t able to find a folder with applications other than the emusic downloader that I downloaded a while back. 

I did go in to Time Machine and they were there… Will they just be there when I reinstall the OS and plug in the external drive?

I just need to feel certain that it’s there just in case using the old drive to restore the computer to it’s pristinely messy self doesn’t work.

Thanks as always for your wonderful help.

Time Machine will be the software that you need in this case. Smartware does not backup applications as oppose to TM which will backup everything on your Mac. 

If you run TM and you verify that the backup was successful and that your files are there than you don’t have to worry. You can also go into the drive and look for a folder containing the TM backup. Nothing to look for on Smartware. I’ll recommend to delete the backup you did with Smartware since this will only have duplicate files.   

I’ve added a link with the  Time Machine Information

 Thank you. How do I verify that the TM backup was successful?

(I’ve also done a ccc onto another wd drive just in case.)

You can check once you run TM and it will show the last time a backup was accomplished. If will also show when the next backup will be done. 

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Thanks I’ll trust it then…

One other thing I would add.  Don’t try running SmartWare and Time Machine on the same drive.  If you were doing that, I would uninstall SmartWare, and let Time Machine take full control of the drive.  I don’t know for sure if you would need to wipe the drive and start over with Time Machine, or not.  Maybe Wizer could answer that.

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thanks for  your comment.