Time Machine Backup

Hello. I would like to save more than one Time Machine Backup on my new EX4, 12 TB Brutto. I use two Mac Books and one Mac. All of these three devices should be saved on my EX4 Cloud. And best of each backup in its own folder. BUT: In my experience, it is only possible to create ONE Time Machine folder. And if i save the Backup from all three devices into it, i´ll get a abort on two of three devices. Is there anybody wo has the same experience?

Hello, there only one default “Time Machine” share for you to backup the information, but when several computers create backups to the drive it will create a different backup for each computer inside of the “Time Machine” share.

I have seen users that are able to map the drive from the “Connect to server…” section on your mac and connect with AFP. Just take a look at This Link which will explain you how to connect to the drive in AFP.

Once you connect a share using AFP when you go to time machine to set it up it should allow you to backup to that particular share.

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Thank you! That resolved my problem!