Time Machine backup got completely lost


for the second time since I have bought a MyBooLive of 2Tb, I have lost the complete backup of Time Machine.

I have just this evening install the latest firmware version so the two events were happenings before.

I´m running Time Machine on a iMac with Mountain Lion 10.8.5.

I cannot see any error message just something goes wrong during the backup and all previously saved data are cancelled.

If I look actually I found a temporary folder related to a full backup that TM is trying to do.

There is only one particulary setting that I have used on the sparsebundle file so to limit the maximum size of the disk, otherwise it would continuously increase.

Any idea where the problem is?


iT’S your drive, network connection, or your computer. Start by checkinf if TM works with the drive connected straight to your computer via ethernet with no router.