Time Machine backup failure - "Disk in use" error


My Cloud 3GB + Mac OS X 10.9.2.

Time Machine backup constantly fails, with the error “Disk in use”. The error disappears after I reboot the My Cloud device, but appears next time Time Machine tries to back up - so I have to reboot the WD device twice or more a day. I’d appreciate any ideas…

Thank you in advance


Is the share where you store the time machine backup mounted?

Unmounting does not help it

This error can happen when the share is used or mounted on a computer or another. If you search for this error you will see it happens also on a Time Capsule or similar.

Is it similar to this?


Hi - thanks. I posted it here after I did the search and tried every reasonable proposed solution I could find - including disconnecting from other computers (there is only one), unmounting, rebooting, changing IP address, etc etc etc. Nothing seems to work longer than a single backup session…

Are you using the default Time Machine share, or did you create another share?

I created a special one

I don’t know whether a user created share is any different from the default time machine share. Maybe it is since, unlike other shares, you can set the size of it…

I don’t recall whether a simple system reset does recreate the default shares like the smartware one and the timemachine one. I would try and then use the default share to store the time machine backups.

On my NAS, I was able to rename the default share, and everything is working perfectly.