Time Machine Backup complete delete

I’ve searched through the threads and have yet to find a solution to completely deleting an old time machine backup. My 4T My Cloud has a backup that’s taking up 600GB. I want it deleted. I’ve seen threads that say to reset or reformat the drive - that’s not an option as I have all my media (2.5T) on my cloud drive.

Is there an easy way to do this for a newbie? I don’t know how to use Terminal or Sudo. (BTW I’m using a MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion)


This is really not complicated. Navigate to where you save your time machine backups and delete everything in the folder.

Thanks Theagustin, much appreciated.

The issue was that deleting the time machine share folder using Finder would take very long. In my case in the Time Machine backup folder there was a .sparsebundle which was around 600GB. I tried simply deleting it and after two hours of spinning wheel and “preparing to delete”, I had to reboot my computer. The research on this says that because it’s such a big file it does take a long time to delete.

Solution: Instead of going through Mac’s Finder, I went through the web browser (.local) and selected the time machine backup share drive under "Shares"and simply clicked on the delete button. This took about 5 minutes and it was done. Recovered 600GB of storage and it only took 5 minutes.


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This worked for me. Install the Seagate Filebrowser included in the Seagate Dashboard. Then:
Manage content

Select the file or folder you want to manage.
Click Actions.

Delete: Deletes the selected item

dude. long time ago you posted this. but im here in 2021 with a 1.7TB problem, thanking you for the solition! :orange_heart: