Time machine and iPhone


I can only get acces to time machine back up when i make my share puplik - does that mean that everybody can go into my cloud an se my back up? Or have should i do it rigth?

Another thing… Is i not posible to make af “back up” to my iphone?

Please help! I am a litle bit lost in this cloud :slight_smile:

  • Merete

You can make your timemachinebackup share private. Make sure you select at least one user for read/write access, and configure time machine on your Mac to access the share with this user credentials.

To backup your iphone, it is a bit complicated. First, you have to back up the iphone to the computer using iTunes. Then you can backup that backup to the NAS, or you can create a symbolic link of the folder where iTunes stores phone backups that points to a folder on the NAS.