Time difference

Apologies if I’m posting something that all or most all know.

The time reported on the dash board notifications remains at Pacific Time no matter what the time zone selected in Settings, General.

This delta provided me with hours of _ entertainment _ :angry: (let’s just say I know exactly how full restore is performed and how long it takes for my 3 TB cloud - ~ 9 hours)

Addenum - apparently tech support is not aware of this discrepiency:flushed: and advised me to reformat a completely functional 4 TB My Book Studio to solve extremely long safepoint creation and updates. Since I’m located in Eastern time zone the subsequent safepoint updates seemingly took 3 hours and 4 minutes; when adjusting for this delta a 4 minute nightly safepoint update is very reasonable!


Thanks for sharing. 

We have passed this along to support.

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