Thunder killed my WD!

Hi, my WD Black 1TB n my WD Green 2 TB died after a thunder strike hit my house(no kidding)

when i connect it to sata power source the HDD motor does not run, both does not run, while i test my other WD Green 1 TB (which was lucky enough not " PLUG-IN" ) the motor runs

both manufactured in 2010 warranty still valid but i like to know if i send for warranty claim, could i save my DATA? (jokes on me as seriously i did back up before until i bought the 2TB, n i thought the WD Black is indestructable ? so i put my important DATA in there )

seriously… i need help, there r 10 yrs worth of important memories in there since 2011, got my bachelor n master degree work n study materials in there no to mention my photos etc etc…

will WD recover my DATA ? whats possible damage here ? (the motor does not run,before thunder it all works fine with out bad sector etc etc )

if WD wont recover my DATA, what options do i have ? i thought about forgo the warranty and hold it till one day data recovery becomes cheap !!

by the way, it also holds my job letter / resume etc etc… talk about depressing and worst time ~~ another punch in my face… i would say knock out alright

help please

Hi, after research abit i learned that you could swap the board etc etc to save the drive !! before go down that road i will try with friends again tomorrow see if indeed the board is fry ( i m pretty sure the drive has no bad sector as i frequently use Crystal disk info to check the HDD health !! )

what  i wanna ask is… my WD Green 2 TB actaully is MS Windows “BitLocker” activated… so what has change the situation here if thats the case now ?  could data recovery service still helps at all ? (i do have the password etc etc saved though !! )    many thanks , feeling better now knowing may be board swapping can help a little ~~~

no one ? any one ??

what infomation should i supply here ? model no ? etc etc ? any thing without un-screw the board yet ? i mean i can supply info thats on the sticker ~ thanks

Try to send a message to fzabkar, he is our resident guru for internal drives.

thanks, i will give a try, i learned alot already by reading many of his response helping people in similar situations…

but those board swap method seems only available to older HDD, mine is pretty new and i wonder how many board is out there (it has to salvage from some where right ? )

also the " BitLocker" only complicates the situation even worst, its pretty safe encryption… let along that i think changing the board will only random the HDD useless even if you got the password for the BitLocker ~~~ could any one clearify for me ? thanks

can’t fight the urge so i un - screw the board finally, the WD Black 1 TB smooth chip is for sure fried and busted

the WD green 2 TB smooth chip has tiny chip there, not sure if it is busted but any where else looks alright under micro scope… but it does look a little pop up and i wont call it smooth surface at all

surprisingly i m not that depressing any more… yes my past is gone and erased …but i feel like may be it is like a restart… can only look ahead now…

can some one please tell me how to “MATCH” the board ? i will research guru  fzabkar 's post for more

by the way, any chance to know where my spindle will park when my SMOOTH chip busted ? i wish it parked back to the safe zone when the SMOOTH chip busted but i know my computer must be running at that time though… depend on power shut down then thunder strike or thunder strike before power shut down ?? any guess or experience ?