Thumbnails or small photos over dlna fixed

Photos showing on my samsung tv were thumbnails and very small.After weeks of searching online i couldn’t find a answer so i found the solution for my problem and fixed it.

Firstly i found the ip of my samsung television through the tv menu and wrote it down.

I opened the twonky browser ,type this into your browser


i opened the media receivers  tab under advanced setup.

To my surprise my samsung tv ip was there 3 times but saying it was my panasonic tv

I deleted all of the ips which was the same as my samsung and refeshed.I turned the samsung on and it appeared in that list but NOT under a samsung name.

I clicked the dropdown menu and scrolled down to samsung and choose that.

I also used the other dropdown menu and choose advanced default navigation.

After that i went into the mybook live settings.Type       mybooklive         into your browser

press settings,press media (you should now see your samsung tv),scrool down to status then rescan.

I have done this twice on two tvs now and it has worked both times.I am sure there would be a easier way but this is the way i did it after weeks of frustration trying to fix it.Hopefully it will help other people as well.

Thanks for sharing. 

I have a new 2015  samsung tv and I see  my MAC address 2 times in Twonky. I was able to change one to samsung tv but the other wont change. i still only able to get  small thumbnail images.