Thumbnails in windows 7 for pictures and videos .... not showing up in windows explorer

i’ve tried googling some info on why thumbnails won’t appear properly in windows 7 when i view files on the nas … i think it’s either a windows 7 problem or nas problem. today i moved a bunch of movies and pictures from a local drive onto the NAS. on the local drive there was a thumbnail for every file. on the NAS i have to hover my mouse over the file and wait for it to highlight, then the thumbnail appears if i right-click and refresh the view. that is not really something i’m looking forward to doing for every single file, with several thousand pictures and several hundred videos. what would be the cause of this ?

To see if it is a Windows 7 issue try from a different OS or using Windows 7 from another PC.

i did some searching on the web and found a site that had 2 registry files, one to enable thumbnail cache, the other to disable. i used both those files to see what happens when i view files on the drive … it turns out the enable thumbnail cache registry entry worked. i had to go to each folder containing pictures/movies/etc. and it loaded all the thumbnails … so far it’s been a week and all thumbnails appear when i go into a folder. but for some reason, windows doesn’t trigger this automatically anymore when i go to a folder with videos and no thumbnails … i have to hover over each item and let it’s metadata and thumbnail load at the bottom of the explorer window, then refreshing the window shows the file with the thumbnail. so it’s not really an nas issue, or is it, i can’t be sure. there are no thumbs.db files in the folders on the drive, they appear to be stored on my OS drive.