Thumbnails for USB selection and Hard Drives

Does anyone know how to change the thumbnails that come up for the USB Selection and Hard Drives

For example i go use “videos” from the home screen then i have “WDTV HUB” “USB 1” or “USB 2”, can you create thumbnails for those somehow

Then also once I pick “USB 1” it will show “Elements” (or whatever hard drive you have) can you make a specific thumbnail for those, instead of just seeing the default thumbnail within the theme

It would be nice to have pictures of the hub and the individual hard drives, then I could put the content on the thumbnail so my wife knows which to go into haha


You can’t unfortunately.

The Internal and any external connected to the Hub are unable to show user folders/icons.

I am pretty sure that many moons back the internal one could show a folder, but for some reason they took a step backward and it was no good after that.

I agree it annoys me as well, I have nice folders showing for external shares, but the Hub and two externals show up as a default icon.

one would think they would at least create a HDD Symbol, this however remains wishful thinking

Well I did come up with a fix of sorts.

I got some nice PNGs of WD Drives and used that for non thumbnail items. So once your system is all metathumbed up, only the Hub and external to the Hub show as Hard drive icons.

It worked OK.

am i misunderstanding something here ?

I have folder thumbs for all my usb drives im on an smp granted

Maybe so…the Live Hub gives you default for internal and any connected by USB.