Thumbnails for photo files in WD mycloud desktop app

Hi, On my iPhone Mycloud app, the photo files display thumbnails. However on the PC desktop app there’s no option to switch on thumbnail view. Please make that option available. Thanks


I second this!!  As a photographer, thumbnails are a must with this device.  Please and Thank You.  

You should have a toggle switch in the settings for both the desktop and mobile app to either turn the thumbnails on or off. 

For someone that chooses to mainly access music the thumbnails are a waste and eat up valuable real estate on your small mobile device screen. I’d rather be able to see the full name of the song.

For photos and movies the thumbnails are preferred.

Very important as a professional storage and archival device.

Without an option for thumbnail view, product is barely usable for photo management. If I had know this I would not have purchased the cloud drive.