Thumbnail View

I am trying to get a thumbnail view of my movie folder and cannot get it to work. I am using MKV to record my movies. Does anyone have a suggestion?


  1. The WD TV will display .mp4 files with an embedded .jpg image, if the embedded image exists or is supported.
  2. If an embedded image cannot be found, WD TV will display an image file with the same name as the movie (for example “Video.mkv” will be associated with “Video.jpg”).

OK I tried that and nothing worked. I would assume that the jpg file needs to be in the same folder with the same name, but with .jpg extension. I have a movie folder that has file files called “title00” through “title05”. They are all mkv files. I also have a jpg file for each of the titles and still get no thumbnail view. Any other thoughts?

It’s plain to me that thumbnails just ain’t working well.

I’ve about 3000 MP3s in my iTunes library.   The WD-Live will show the thumbnail view in the song list about 20% of the time, but has YET to show a Folder thumbnail, even though it’s supposed to if the first track in the folder has album art (which they all do.)

For Video,

Sometimes it just ignores the “folder.jpg” file, and shows the generic folder icon.

And of course the one everyone hates is that it shows the manual xxx.jpg and folder.jpg files when viewing the folders’ contents.