Thumbnail support for video items is not working

I painstakingly download all of these movie covers for my videos and renamed them like I did for my WDTV HD verison and the covers do not display.  Is there a way to fix this.  It was stated that this verison supported thumbnail movie covers however it doesnt.  Has anyone gotten this to work or is it broke for you too.

The way I did was simply rename the .jpg name to the file name. ie. Movie.jpg and Movie.avi



That is strange.  Mine works sort of.  lol  Are you in folder view?  What is you rename the pictures  “folder” without the quotes

are you pulling these over your network or direct attached drive.  I have had some problems with pulling all the thumbnails from over the network, I think its a Samba issue but not sure whether its a 7 issue or WDTV issue yet.

Well as you know, with the WDTV mini player, networking is impossible. So, I am using a directly attached hard drive. It is a firmware issue with this player, like the WDTV HD ver 1, a firmware update was issued to allow same named images to be viewed as video thumbnails to items of the same video items of the same name. Currently, only embedded images in the video can be viewed for movie thumbnail which is entirely to painful to do. 

So, please WD come out with a update to the WDTV mini player to support this since your website already states that the player can do exactly that.

Thank you,



I spent hours getting all the movie covers for my video files. I have renamed them the same name as the file itself. I have named it the same as the folder. All with no success. I read somewhere else that WD has stated that the mini only supports previews in the thumbnails of the video file and not cover art. I’m not sure if I’m talking about the same thing you are but the reason for me purchasing this was so that I could browse by the cover of the movie not folder titles. I think a firmware upgrade is certainly required but can’t see it happening in the near future. If anyone has had any success please let me know the secret.

 Yes WesternReds, 

We are talking about the same thing and on the package of the device and on the WD website description for the mini player  it states and I quote  " 

Navigation options include: -

  • Thumbnail, list and video previews – Browse your content by file name or by thumbnails of photos, album covers and movie cover art. Preview videos while you browse your content. " So I feel like I was lied to and this needs to be address by a easy firmware update to correct the matter.

Take care, and I hope some one at WD is watching this tread.


Did you try to place each Movie in a folder with the .avi and .jpg and place them into a ‘Movie’ folder?  It works for me.

I have the gen 1 WD TV.