Thumbnail problem with NFS - Do not appear at screen

Hi, i have WD TV live streaming g3  series number wbhg …7000-hesn

I have a dlink nas dns 320L by itsleftoo

I want to only connect it by linux share (NFS)

The problem is with the thumbnails for movies.

I have many mkv files and i noticed that only the thumbnails that wdtv had pickeup itself apeears at screen.

Even if i save a jpg picture inside movie folder (like in windows share) , it don’t apeears.

What do i have to do ???

I don’t think this is an NFS problem

if I recall correctly there is a priority level regarding what thumbnail is displayed

.metathumb is 1st

.jpg 2nd

last and only supported for certain file types

anyways, I’m sure one of the other guys will confirm this shortly

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ok, i inderstood you, but this don t work too.

Have made some tests:

The movie folders that don t have thumbnail , and no metahumb and xml files, i added a jpg file and renamed exactly same name of mkv movie file.

Don’t working.

Still do not show thumbnail.

What can be this?

Moviename.jpg files only work for MOVIES, not FOLDERS.

If you want a JPG cover for a folder, the file must be the exact name


and placed inside the folder.

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wow !

How stupid i was!

I didn t noticed that the file was with thumbnail.

And i tryed a time ago to rename the jpg for folder as “folder.jpg”   I thought didnt worked.

in fact the file name was really folder.jpg.jpg

Thank you very much !!!

Nice !

Now i have some job to do with all my folders. hahaha

I want to connect always by linux share

Another question: Why wd tv can’t get some information about new and popular movies by itself?

Many movies i had, wdtv can’t get information, but if i click options , and flick, it’s all there. thumbnail, sinopse, tomatometer etc…