Hey I was wondering if anyone out there would know if it is possible to add Episodes for movies Since i have a couple of movies that  spands over 3 parts so if one movie is named “the tenth kingdom Part 2” Thumbgen would detect this like for tv. I have tried using using a tv thumb but wont work.


Yes, it is possible to do this in TG using a movie template.

TG sees them all as one movie (if that is how they were released), so you have to use the movie name without the “part 2” etc. So, start with the first one naming it “the tenth kingdom”

1)Make the backdrop for the first part in semi-automatic mode and have it stop when it shows the info on the screen.

2)In the “title” section on the left hand side, add the episode info, such as “the tenth kingdom: part 1” or the tenth kingdom disc 1" etc

3)Hit the update button below, which will add the new info to the backdrop view or example you see below

4)Generate the backdrop/cover

5)Repeat process with the next episode, changing the title to “the tenth kingdom: part 2” or the tenth kingdom disc 2"

6)Repeat with all parts or episodes of the movie

i do this a lot with multi disc sets (disc 1 & disc 2) if I dont have the time or wherewithal to join the files into one larger file.

Good Luck


hey Pearl Thanks for the answer.

but unfortunately it wasent the one i was Looking for I knew you can change the title what I am trying to do is ad it to the movie thumb as you can do for tv shows  if named properly s01e01 the it will show up on the thumb if your using the correct template.

what i am trying to do is the same you can do with source flags the thenth kingdom.bluray.mkv then it will put a bluray cover on so i want it to use the tenth kingdom - part 2.mkv and then it puts my part 2 flag on or text. I have tryed editing the xslt but i have no understanding of how they work but i think it should be possible.

Okay, that makes sense. I am not sure how to do it in TG, but you can certainly do it manualy with a graphics editor.

make the first one in TG as you normaly would, which would produce the thumbnail or dvd cover as a JPEG. Open that JPEG in a graphics editor, (GIMP, Photoshop etc) and then add the “part 1” to the graphic. Save it as part one, and then take the original file and open it again, adding the “part 2”. Make as many as you need and then name them to the same name as the video files. Sure it’'s a bit manual, but not that hard as you are going to use the thumbnail that TG makes for you, and just add the lettering in a differnt color so it is readable.

Am hoping that solves your issue. I often make my own thumbs an it works great. Thumbs/covers are 240 pixels wide x 360 pixels height. As long as you can make a retangle that size in your graphics editor, you can than cut and paste whatever you want into it, add details like “part two” etc and then save as the correct name and put it into the same directory as the movie. That will give a seperate thumb for each episode.

Good luck


You might be looking for something like this:

If you are, then you can get that template from here:

If it’s not exactly what your looking for then you can edit this template with Thumbgen Designer to get the look you want or create your own template.


yeah i think thats what im gonna have to do would just be nice if it was automated ;)