Could someone please tell me how to set the path to get snapshots from the movie.

Many Thanks

Are you talking about the backgrounds?

Thank you for your reply. On the movie sheet I am creating I want to use a snapshots taken from the movie and use them as backdrops but when I click on get snapshot I get a message saying Error During Playback Media File Failed .

I cannot find any settings in the options regarding snapshots or movie player any ideas why I am unble to get snapshots

Thank you for help 

play the movie, click the red dot to grab a snapshot or 12 then click the ‘OK’ button located in the bottom right corner.

Your snapshots will then appear in the backdrop window

Thank you for your reply the problem is I can’t play the movie as I get the message Error During Playback Media File Download Failed. I know the media file is ok as I can play it in other programmes.

Thank you for help

oh, I see, is it a file located on your PC? or are you streaming it from the Hub?

It’s a file on a external hard drive.

Thank you for help

Sorry I should have added the external hard drive is connected to the PC.

Thank you

Solved it . Downloaded  a codec