Thumbgen problem

ok have tryed all i know so better ask for help.

I have a coupple of cartoons that has vorbis audio but i cannot get thumbgen to read my vobis icon I have directed it to the right icon in designer, but it still uses a different icon, so i did a ogg/vorbis search in the commen folder figuring i would just replace the default icon it uses but the vorbis icon that showed up is not the one it uses. 

anyone knows how to fix this ? 

figured i might ask here now that i started a ? I jut discvored thumbgen dont get some of my studio images ive just tried changeing the size to some of the others it do get but still dont use it ?

can you post images[external] of what you are getting and what you want to accomplish?

I can i will work on that today 

Images won’t really help.  You need to open the template.xml with notepad, then paste that info here.  Along with your folder structure of your theme template, which should look something like this:

You moviesheet (folder)


      Common (folder)

                  studios (folder)

                  sound_format (folder)


You can also test in Thumbgen Designer by opening your template, click on Tokens Mappings, then expand Tokens, look for and expand %SOUNDFORMAT% and change the Value.  If you don’t see your image after you click OK, then you probably don’t have your template set to point to the right place for that image.

By the way, in the template xml, this is what your looking for:

    <SoundFormat Name=“OGG71” Text=“Ogg 7.1” Image="%PATH%…\Common\sound_format\ogg71.png" />

The part in green is how it points to the correct image file.  If it looks like this, then it is not pointing to an image.


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Tinwarle :laughing:

yet again you come to my resuce I opend the xml in notepad and set the path and it worked thanks you, it never crossed my mind, I had set the path in designer but that dident do anything and this confused me since it did it for studios and other things i have changed paths in designer with no problem so i dont get it but thank you it was a huge bugger