Thumbgen not working

I got a problem with thumbgen, usually I do scan of the day’s episode located in a folder at this location:

When I enter manual mode it allways scans IMDB for e:, I have always to put the series name, then it would give me the right result. But now whenever I insert the series name it gives me no result.

This is what happens when I usally hit Manual Mode:

then I write the correct name and a list of options would appear, but now it only shows this:

How do I fix this?

In TG Opitions / General tab, untick the box next to “Detect movie based on folder name”.

Your folder stucture should also be:

E:/Series/Season x/Series_name.S0xE0x.mkv

It has to be in this stucture for TV shows for TG scrap the correct info.