Thumbgen and default mochi theme

Hi there. I’ve recently bought the new WD Live Streaming unit and am new to the scene. I’ve downloaded thumbgen and simply want to use it to generate the thumbnail, fan art, and metadata that the unit could then display using its default theme.

I’ve tried searching but can’t seem to find this information. Is this even possible?

Just trying to understand what the filenames should be saved as (for movie poster, and movie fanart/background). Is there a template floating around catering for the default template?

Apologies for the newbie question, and also if it has been answered already.

use a tool on this forum called … WDTVLiveMetadataLoader1.1.2 That will bring you much happiness :slight_smile:

WDTVhubGen v2.0 is better my friend.

You don’t need any extra tools.  In the setup section make sure media library is turned on.  

Also take note, at the moment only files attached to local drives (USB) are cataloged.   Files on network drives are ignored.   I suspect we will see network drives cataloged at some point since the option was included in a previous firmware and then removed.

Can someone confirm what we’re discussing here.

The metadata that is scraped from,with these programmes we can create our own,is that right?

Steve W

#madweegie - Thanks. I’ve tried WDTVhubGen v2.0. Problem is file naming. All my movie filenames aren’t in a format that results in any successful searches. Does this program not search in a similar way to thumbgen? i.e. Thumbgen finds the movie information for my files, whereas WDTVhubGen doesn’t.

#radye - I’ve got networked drives so I guess no media library functionality for me right now.

Can anyone tell me if thumbgen can be used as per my original post? I like the flexibility of the program eg I can specify the name of the fanart/backdrop, thumbnail etc. I’m just trying to understand what format I should be saving the images in (PNG or JPG or…?) and what they should be labelled as in order for the thumbnail/fanart/backdrops to be displayed in WD Live Streamings default (mochi) theme.  Or do the names have to be specified in the XML?

Thanks again everyone for the input thus far !!! :smiley:

I also had to rename my files, but it was simple enough of just naming it clear like , Terminator Salvation 2009 , entering the year at the end really does improve the search engine.

Hey bulaboy,

For Thumbgen to find your movies easily, they should be close to what the actual movie name is.  However, that isn’t necessary, since you can specify which movie you are looking for during the search.

When you begin processing your files this will pop up:


And you will be able to select the name of the movie you are looking for, by adjusting the keywords, if yours doesn’t appear.

Also, if you are not fimiliar with Thumbgen you may want to see this HERE.  It is a video tutorial that I made for the WDTVLive HUB, but it will be pretty much the same for the Streamer.