Thumb nails are stored in My Cloud or is it stored in WD my cloud

I have a very simple question on privacy.
I use a WD my cloud and all thumb nails of video’s - images maybe even bank statements.
If you select say “Cloud Access” inside the Configure Cloud Access.
So you can connect an iPad for example.

If I then turn off “cloud access” thumb nails are now gone.
This kind of gives me the impression all my thumb nails are stored in side WD my cloud HQ - is this correct ?

This is an important question. . . . . . .important enough that I would prefer someone from WD answer it.

HOWEVER - - -As a bit of a privacy nut, I will make one comment: Even if “today” the answer is the data is on YOUR NAS. . .it doesn’t take much to change that answer to “in the cloud”. For me, I protect files on an individual level.

Thumbnails are stored on the My Cloud Internal Hard Drive inside of the RESTSDK database and in your mobile app cache. When you turn off Cloud Access at the Cloud Access tag, Cloud Access and Indexing & Generating Preview process is Paused and nothing is actually purged or removed. If you enable Cloud Access on the Cloud Access tab, Indexing & Generating Preview process resume. If you disable “Mobile and Cloud Access” at the SHARE LEVEL, the RESTSDK database for that share is purged (background process) and does take some time but the share itself should not be viewable in client apps. However, thumbnails take time to cleanup and will still be seen in the All, Photo or Video views until the cleanup process has completed.

Hello S Brown,

Thank you for explaining to me.
Not sure I asked the question correctly.

None of my thumb nails are stored with you guys ?
Is this correct please.

That’s an accurate statement for My Cloud OS3 and My Cloud OS5.
Adding the Privacy Statement link for reference.

Updates to Privacy Statement

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I took a look at the link. . . that is quite some privacy statement.

Part of my prompting to actually read it was the recent references to using the analytics on the OS/5 devices as a first/second level support troubleshooting tool. That infers that this remote “analytics” includes significant personal identifiable information. . . . .(enough to troubleshoot a malfunctioning unit)

. . . .can’t say I am really surprised.

… . . .which is why I always opt out of any analytics offered by a company. (although. . .if I am understanding the privacy statement correctly, . . . .“opting in” is not really required for data collection) (It might not be current policy. . .but it is allowed by the privacy statement)

Note: this is not meant in any way a criticism or attack; merely an observation I thought I would share with other privacy nuts like me :wink:

Hello S.Brown - just a little up date on the newer OS in WD. Between desk top wi fi transfer both ways. It appears faster. (Cloud be due to desk top OS updates) But I have had these before and in WD OS 3 nothing as fast as now in OS 5 - hopefully that makes sense.

Hello Sarah Brown - ps in OS 3 - the app would allow to download files - so I often use this as music platform or podcast when off internet. In Os 5 the. App how May I do this please ? So I can play these within WD?
Maybe this functionality been removed?