Three questions regarding adding or removing various files from the backup procedure

I would appreciate if anyone could advise me on the best way to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Suppose I installed the WD SmartWare and backed up all my files in the following three categories: DOCUMENTS, MOVIES and MUSIC. But after having completed that backup, I decided that I no longer wish to backup any MUSIC files any longer. What is the best approach to stop any further backups of MUSIC files? Can I just remove the check mark from the MUSIC category on the BACKUP tab? Or is something more requried? For example, should I stop the backup before removing the checkmark? Or would that cause any other problems? It seems to me that I tried to stop the backup at one time and then restarted it but it would never backup files again after having been stopped and then restarted. Does anyone know the issues involved in stopping and then restarting a backup?

  2. Suppose that after running the initial backup of my DOCUMENTS, MOVIES and MUSIC files, I then decide I want to also backup my PICTURES files. Is it just as simple as putting a checkmark into the PICTURES category? Or do I have to do anything else to get it to begin backing up my picture files?

  3. Suppose I have one or more folders that I do not wish to have backed up. Can anyone tell me the best approach to prevent specific folders from being backed up? I thought of changing the attributes of the folders to “hidden”. But that would cause some problems with other apps. Is there any other approach that you would recommend?

1- yes

2- yes

3- you have an option to backup specific files and folders

in your case you might be better manually backing up the files

3- you have an option to backup specific files and folders

I never realized such an option exists. I have read the User’s Guide very carefully and never saw anything about this option.

Do you mean that I can always backup a specific file and/or folder manually?

Or is there some other way to do this?

I would very much like to know how to do that.

The file backup was implemented on a later release of Smartware

make sure the software is up to date

you can also manually backup files