This safepoint is in an invalid state, try updating to fix the problem

Anyone has a solution for this type of problem?  It is running me crazy!

After weeks like that, I’m done and tired of those issues. (because this isnt the only error message I get every day)

I bought this WDMyCloud a couple of months ago, planning for my trip in Europe this August (and be able to upload my pictures home for when I come back), closer I am from my trip, sh***ier this hard drive/cloud goes!

Thank you if you can help!

Nope. Talked to WD Level 2 support today, they admit Firmware update screwed the Safepoint feature up (“we are working on it”). Not only were my Safepoints invalide, but they were incomplete when My Cloud ‘lost’ and improtant Share (completely missing from UI and Safepoints. 

If I had not used Carbonite to store previous Safepints, I would have lost 300gb of data which would have been unrecoverable. WD software is horrendeous and must be fixed soon, otherwise the My Cloud is a $300 brick!.


I’ve had this as an on-going issue since upgrading to FW 4.00.00-607.

I found initially for days after FW upgrade My Cloud constantly scanning. Would appear that My Cloud is not a great multitasker and didn’t take much to make safepoint fail.

Had three phone sessions with Customer Support doing reboots, system restores and they reloaded 4.00 by SSH. I ended up shutting down a lot of functions: All shares Media Serving - OFF, Cloud Service - OFF, SSH - OFF, FTP - OFF, DLNA Media Server; Media Streaming - OFF, iTunes - OFF,Firmware Updates - OFF.

Worked well for a week. Copied 18 GB files to My Cloud, 24 hours of scanning and thrashing - auto update safepoint - failed, 3 more manual safepoint updates failed.

Finally the My Cloud started settling down then was able to do manual safepoint, will try auto safepoint tonight.

Opened my third support case today as a result of recent issues. Only solutions offered was to do more of what I’ve already done (paper clip reboots, system restores).

Asked them to roll back firmware they claim that it isn’t possible.

Try Customer Support, they really will try to get it going.

But we won’t get a real solution until WD admits there is a problem with this firmware.