This is not Fair - WD Mycloud 3tb


This is really not fair, and if only i have read reviews as much as i can i would not have ventured near this product, bought this few day ago, Set up properly though slow atimes but not something you cannot cope with, updated to the lastest firmware, i bought this to allow me access my files to avoid carrying external hard drives when i go on out calls.

Only to rush out this morning and could not access anything from my outstation, it just dropped of internet connection, while the internet connection was fully functional and fast back at home, had to drive back 100 miles to see this, this is very bad when this products just drop of internet without warning.

hope the store can collect it back, am now backing my stuff to another external drive that needs no connection, as this is a risky venture if you need to pull a file immediately and the product is offline and you cannot access your file anywhere, dropbox and google drive will not just turn off for no good reasons…

should there not be a failsafe that you can restart/reboot or something to help when you are stuck far away from home and you cannot access anything beacuse it dropped off internet without warning and the internet is working, no error logs, the quick view also disconnects with it as well…it’s just so sad…i have to go and unplug and plug in back to see if it will reconnect…sad!!!

Sorry to hear you could not access the My Cloud remotely. Did you tried to access it from a PC or using the My Cloud app? 


Thanks for the respone, not truly knowing what is wrong with the drop in connection severally, i removed the additional hard drive that was attached to mycloud and rebooted the machine, it is now 3 days and no drop in conection, the added drive was only used to backup mycloud…

I’m experiencing the same problem - I work 200kms from home during the week. This is a disaster - it hangs up completely after a couple of hours and then the only way to get it going is to unpower - repower. Does yours stay up now? and what did you do - Is yhis an IP issue?

It is happening to my unit aswell, it freezes randomly almost everyday, the blue indicator is solid and fans running, but nothing can connect to it while it’s frozen, not even the reset button could make it respond after I pressed it down for around a minute.

Only solution is to physically unplug/replug the power, which is obviously not an acceptable solution by any means. WD need to look into this immediately…

To Staff: Why do you continue to answer people’s real issues with small tidbits from the “book” of standard responses. They don’t work! All the hundreds of comments in this forum are a testament to the standard responses not working in the cases where people are resorting to the forum for answers; because THEY’VE ALREADY TRIED EVERYTHING IN THE BOOK WITH NO SUCCESS! 

Wake up to the fact that WD put out a defective product and do something about it. Put out tutorials on how to access data after your firmware or hardware goes defective. Or maybe try to put out a product that works. Is it that hard to have a personal cloud drive? Instead of hiring some right of school programmers, hire some hackers who know what they’re doing or just programmers with some real skills. WD used to be a respected hard drive supplier and to some extent still is except for their personal cloud products. What, are you guys waiting for public sentiment to get to the point where your overall sales start sliding before doing something about it?