Thinkpad t510 with win 7 pro - windows explorer doesn't see brand new passport ULTRA 1TB

New thinkpad t440s with win 8.1 pro sees it, but windows explorer in the win 7 pro thinkpad t510 does not.   Device manager (and “devices and printeres”) sees it, but says the driver is not installed.   Any help will be appreciated.


Avoid any USB hubs and make sure you are using the standard USB cable that came with the drive.

Thanks.   I have not tried any hubs and have only used the USB cable that came with the Passport Ultra.   I thought it might have something to do with the Ultra being USB 3.0; however, a SeaGate external drive that I’ve used successfully at work with this laptop is also USB 3.0.   I guess I am going to have return the Ultra.