Thinking Of Buying => Streaming Opinions?

Trying to do my research (x-HTPC designer/guy going NMP)…I read every flipping NMP manual from QNAP to DUNE to WD.  I’m geavily leaning to WD but not sure Live + vs Hub…reading alot of posts/threads here.  Anyway, one of my requests is to get thoughts of how this Hub works for Streaming and online access ?  I now only use Blockbuster for DVDs to my house buy I woudl cancel that and sign up for NetFlix for Streaming and DVDs to house too.  How well does the Hub work with Netflix ?  Also, have not used other online items/services but heard of Hulu which I guess WD does not support ?..also how about some of the other services listed.

Curious any inputs/experiences.

Thx !!! 

NetFlix works GREAT for most people.   A few people (like myself) have an issue where the Hub seems to want to reboot when leaving NetFlix back to the main menu.

Hulu has said that Hulu+ is “coming soon.”   No one knows when that will be.

If you want Hulu, I suggest you get Playon which works great for accessing Hulu, Crackle and a lot of other online content.

Also, the HUB can access Blockbuster On Demand as well as Netfilx.

I just bought my second HUB.  I stream from a Windows Home Server, about 400 movies, most HD, and it streams PERFECT.  I also use it for Netflix and it also streams no proplem.