Thinking Of Buying Hub => USB HDD Question & Syncing

OK…have been researching all the NMP out there and now down to WD…between Live Plus & Hub.  I’m thinking of springing for the Hub but reading the user manual it appears that anytime you have a USB HDD hooked up or Network folder the Hub does a “sync”…basically copying files to the Hub.  I see you can turn off these functions but what I want based on the amount/size of my media library is to but the 1TB Hub…hook up exteranal USB HDDs…have the Hub search and integrate both the internal files a put on the Hub and the USB HDD files into it’s Menu/Library but NOT copy the content to the Hub’s HDD.  Basically, I want to be able to use the USB HDD ports as “expansion” ports that seemlessly their content is integrated on the menus…not physically…into my Hub’s Media library.  Obviously, this means the USB HDD remain connected.  Will this product work this way ?

Also, I assume you can replace the internal HDD with a 2TB or even in future 4TB ?  If so, is there a procedure/link to do this ?


No, you can’t “upgrade” the drive.   As far as I know, it’s already using the largest drive made.   

It’s a 2.5" drive, not a 3.5" drive, so the choices are somewhat limited.   Plus, the Hub DOES check to make sure it’s a “Supported” drive, whatever that means.

Anyway, yes, what you describe as far as using local drives will work WITHOUT syncing.    Syncing just provides a simple way of moving files if you want to.

One thing I’m NOT sure about is whether the Hub’s VIEW actually aggregates ALL of the local storage together into a unified menu.

Hmmmm…thanks that is my sticking point…sorry to hear about the 2.5"…now the 1TB makes sense.

I would like to get the Hub for both the performane it has over Live Plus as well as couple other factors.

I can live with the 1TB in the short term but I’m reading on page 30-31 of the Hub manual about Media Library Compilation…clearly it scans the contents of HDD ,USB and Network Storage and it does say into one “categorized”  into one library.  However, it is not clear from the “sync and transfer” section on page 23 is seperate or part of the “media library scan” function of page 30-31.  In my example I can see turning OFF the auto-sync and have ON the auto-media-library scan/compilation.  However, I need to understand these are mutual exclusive…not tied together items.

Thx !!!

Right. SYNC and MEDIA LIBRARY have nothing to do with each other at all.

So I’m clear…

I could turn OFF sync and copy/manually my files to the internal HDD from another computer on my network…then say also have a USB HDD with other media on it…leave media library compilation ON…the Hub would see the internal HDD files, the USB HDD files and combine them into its “Media Library” ?   If so, my plan would be to manually push/copy new material to the Hug or attached USB HDD and run another (I assume you can run media compilation manually ?) media library scan where it would pick up the newly transfered items/files ?

Thx for the help !!!

I have the hub, it prompts you on new drives to sync or not, it isn’t required.  As for seeing the media you have the choice to browse per storage device (local, usb , network).  It recompiles the media whenever a new device is inserted or reboot from my experince.