Things to be done


I installed my new WDTVLIVE yesterday and have a few open things:

  1. Component out doesnt work with standard PAL devices.

I connected the device to my Denon AVR (YCrCb-Input) and - no signal!

I am missing a 576i/50 setting, I can find only p-settings (no interlace)

  1. I bought the device as a media renderer (I want to control it from other DLNA control points)

This is not working well. (I tried cidero, eezUPnp and WINDOWS 7 Mediaplayer)

All three controlers doesnt work as expected!

Is there a chance for an update?



480i isn’t supported, likewise with 576i.


thanks for the reply, but this means:

Only composite video is usable for PAL-people!

If I read “device has component output” I think of PAL and 576i.

Bad news…