Things I want in my new WD TV Live G4

Sorry for my bad english.

I think is time to move on, right? Evolve!

This is my list of features things I think the new WD TV Live should have:

  • Support for all HI RES music formats like FLAC, ALAC, diff, dop on Audio menu (I’m have to use Archive menu today to listen this files).
  • If I press “option” button I want to see the information about the music file, Sample Rate, Depth, etc.
  • Better Wi-Fi support and…5Ghz support AC wireless, bla, bla, bla…
  • HBO GO, VEVO and others
  • New file transfer protocol like Apple (I’m tired to recode my mkv movies because they are too high to watch them over WiFi)
  • Darbee…Darbee…Darbee…
  • The WD TV product quality is very good especially the video but its time to get things even better with top engeenering…especially audio!
  • I want to rate my movies and share the information
  • I want to be able to select embbed subititles on MP4 files. In fact, with a WD TV Server software… just need a little imagination…a really better support for subtitles.
  • Support not so new video formats, 36bits 4:4:4, I don’t know, whatever…I have some mkv animes that doesn’t play, they have this “10bits” text on their titles.
  • New DAC to upsampling audio…(I dream too much sometimes)
  • Own music server software (software/app, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux…) to control all media on computer better than DLNA, today if u send a music stream over the wifi using DLNA you can’t control the music on the other side (in my case), with Apple I can. I can send a music on iTunes in my computer to play on my receiver, I go to the home theater room I can control the music on Apple TV, stop, forward, volume, etc. On DLNA I can’t do that, it is persistent, I can’t even change the source on my receiver because the wifi stream will get the connection back. No control. Integration is the key. Control all media on iPad, Desktop, Smarthphone, WD TV Live, all together.
  • Intergration is the key…I want to see what is happening on my WD TV screen in my tablet, smarthphone, desktop computer, interacting with it.
  • When all this is done I want to first to test, next week maybe…


Ivan Milazzotti

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Agreed, +

  • ALAC + iTunes shared libraries in the network supoort
  • TV Shows ordering (not episodes 1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 20, 3, 4…)
  • agree on the option button - I think the WD TV Live had it before
  • USB 3.0 might help a bit
  • Faster updates - unlike this last disaster, where almost everyone has a problem with the new firmware and nothing is happening.

Thanks :slight_smile:

+1 on the TV-Show ordering

TBH I would rather slower Firmware updates that were better tested.  I mean, with all the issues they are having with the latest version, one can only believe that minimal beta testing and QC were done.

If I had to wait another 3months for a better product then so be it.  Unlike M$ who uses all their customers as non-volunteered beta testers.


OMG I forgot about USB 3.0…very good point !!!

  • Gigabit Ethernet