"There's an error with this credit card" - anyone else?

Trying to do advanced RMA, but no matter what card I use that I have used for past orders over the years, it says

“There’s an error with this credit card. Please contact us for assistance.”

It’s not my card, because I have used the same card for a few years with you

Please contact support for assistance creating your Advanced RMA when this error occurs.

This may be a little late, but CHECK YOUR CARD STATEMENT VERY, VERY CAREFULLY!!!

I tried creating an on-line Advance RMA in the UK. Got right to the end then the website through up an error not even related to the card (I got the same error trying to create a standard RMA which doesn’t require a card).

So I then phoned up WD Warranty support and went through creating an Advance RMA over the phone. When I checked my card statement that evening there were TWO authorisations for $70.61, despite the fact I was only returning one drive.

Queried this with WD and got the “stone-wall” excuse of “speak to your bank”. Erm… NO! The first port of call with ANY disputed card transaction is the MERCHANT. That is YOU WD!!!

Anyway, a day or so later I received an email saying “management” had investigated the issue and “speak to your bank”.

Well I did - actually my card issuer as it is NOT my bank - and now I’m having to go through this stupid length process of getting WD to confirm directly to my card issuer, identifying the exact (pending) transaction and that WD will NOT be claiming the funds so that my card issuer can cancel the pending transaction.

All because the stupid Advance RMA website obtained the authorisation, failed to create the RMA (for reasons still unknown not in any way associated with my card+) and then, more seriously, DID NOT CANCEL THE CARD AUTHORISATION.

To add to it all I now can’t get an answer as to when WD are going to cancel the OTHER authorisation resulting in the second pending transaction for £70.61 on my card - despite the fact they received the failed drive I sent back 2+ days ago.

Sorry WD (well actually no I’m not sorry, I now getting ANGRY) but this is terrible customer service.

I have complied with all of your Advance RMA conditions yet you are denying me access to $141.22 (£114 odd) of MY OWN MONEY!!!

GIVE IT BACK!!! - Yes I appreciate that a “pending” transaction means WD haven’t “claimed” the funds, but it still reserves the funds on the card, reducing the available balance on the card and with the type of card I used (prepaid) it’s not even the card issuer’s money, it really is MY MONEY!

Thank God I did the prudent thing and (as I usually do now with all online transactions) used a PREPAID credit card. The only money I can ever loose with that is whatever credit I’ve charged it up with (usually only a few tens of £s)

Hi george_h,

I have sent a message. Please check your WD Community Message Inbox.

Never again will I use WD drives in a situation which may depend upon advance replacements from WD, personally or professionally (I’ve worked in IT for over 30 years).

Western Digital are now, in that situation, “persona non grata”.

Contact the support, because there are many reasons that they block a credit card. Also you may refer credit cards for free guide. It might help you in resolving your issue.