There is no media in the current folder

Hi guys,

hope you could help me on this. I keep seeing this msg: There is no media in the current folder.

Before seeing this, I have done this thing:

there are 2 folders in my hub: ‘movie’ and ‘movies’. both have media files. I deleted the ‘movie’ folder then when i try to open ‘movies’ folder, the msg pop up on the screen.

When i try to connect my hub to my pc, i could still see the contents of ‘movies’ folder. the thing is how could i open the ‘movies’ folder without connecting it to the pc.



CoBrit, I can see your original message was edited. Does this mean you no longer have this issue and you are now able to share a solution with the WD Community?

Thank you.


did you do a search on this board for this issue?  there’s been plenty of people with this issue, and others with plenty of recommendations that helped.

Hi, I had the same problem but after changing “Sort & Filter Content” from Folders to All I can now see content.

If you want to filter by folder maybe going to Setup -> System -> Media Library -> Clear Media Library.

Hub will do a re-indexing of what is currently on your local drive.

Hope this helps.