There is no media in the current folder

My solution was to create a user account named ‘anonymous’.  I then simply had to share the folder and give permisions to the anonymous user.  Verify that “Turn off password protected sharing” is selected in the Network and Sharing Center.  Located at Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings.

Also have the auto logon turned on on the WDTV.

I had found this problem and seveal suggestions for correcting the issue, but none of them fixed my issue.  I am attempting to share files from a second internal drive on a Windows 7 computer.  I have a Windows home server which stores most of my movies, which is working great. 

Yep, it work 90% of the time :slight_smile:

I do use linux with samba and had the same problem (aka “There is no media in the current folder” )

  1. In the linux samba server, i created the ‘wdtv’ user and configured it for samba usage, then set it a password.

  2. The wdtv live, in its infinite wisdom never asks witch user is using to connect to a smb/samba server, one must assume ‘anonymous’. But if you keep trying (and failing) for some time, the wdtv live will prompt to change the username/password.

I really don’t know why is it not in the network options, one hast to reach it by failing to loggin and getting those “There is no media in the current folder” a lot of times until the option to select an user is shown.

My solution was to set the wdtv live to use the user ‘wdtv’ and its password, in order to access samba with that username instead of anonymous, and it worked fine.

  1.  That’s not true at all.

It ALWAYS asks for the User ID and password the FIRST time it logs on, and then it remembers the credentials you use.

If you have set the option “Auto Login to Network Shares,” then it wil keep using the same user ID and password until you CLEAR it.

If you turn OFF the option “Auto Login to Network Shares,” then it will ask you EVERY TIME.   

You are right, that is the correct procedure.

Maybe i must set Auto Login to Network Shares to off AND THEN clear the username / password info. I certainly cleared it the other time, and it did not ask again until several tryies (so that’s why i concluded that there was a problem). I don’t know what exactly happened the other time, but at least it is working now. :slight_smile: