"there is no media in the current folder" when connecting to NAS

I use the hub to store all of my tv shows, and keep my movies on a D-Link 323. Both are wired over a gigabit router. I have no issues connecting to either device from the my assortment of wired and wireless devices. My hub can connect to the NAS no problem, but sometimes it decides to tell me “there is no media in the current folder.” The only way to get it to work is to hold the hubs power button down for 5sec, and then turn it back on again. After that, it shows all the folders and files of my NAS. It works for a bit, then a couple days later (or sometimes later that day) it goes back to telling me " there is no media in the current folder." As easy as it is to just keep rebooting the hub, it gets to be a bit of a pain in the **bleep**.

If anyone knows a way to remedy this, I’m all ears.



I have only one guess, and it’s a long shot.

It may be that you change something on the NAS, and the Hub has detected it and rebuilds the media library “in the blind.”  But it doesn’t do it correctly, and the reboot forces a rescan and it picks everything back up.

Try deliberately NOT making ANY changes to your NAS for a period of time and see if it keeps happening.

That seems like a good possibility. When I notice it the most is when I’ve just loaded a bunch of new movies on the NAS and I try to watch one. Unfortunately the NAS gets used for more than just movies (by more than one person) so keeping the file structure untouched might be next to impossible. If the scenario you describe is indeed the issue, any ideas of how to prevent or fix it?


Put the Media files in their own shares so that changes visible by the hub are minimized.