There is no media in the current folder - readyNAS, only sometimes

Hi there!

after recommending wdtv to all my friends, I finally managed to get one for myself!

i have a wdtv live smp which connects to my readynas duo via smb, over wireless.

it usually works just fine, but on occasion i will wake it up, and upon opening a media category i get a message telling me the current media source has been removed. When i reconnect to the share, it tells me that there is n media in the current folder. I can still access files fine on other devices.

the only way to fix this seems to be to restart the wdtv, or wait a long time and eventually it works again. I can also try to use the media server method via readydlna but it is generally slow and not as well organised as browsing samba as i like my tv shows and movies divided :) 

what can i do to troubleshoot this issue?

thanks so much


Hello there,

For troubleshooting purposes, can you please turn the Media Library off to see what happens?

Hi ragdexx,

Media library is already turned off.

It was switched on for a while, but it lagged the WDTV and caused more problems.


Any ideas?

It’s been happening every time I wake up the WDTV recently, so I have to restart it all the time. Very frustrating.


Ok - Have done some troubleshooting… 

If I change my media source to something else (such as the same NAS but as a media server instead of network share) before I put the device to sleep, I can always  connect back to the network share when waking it up without a problem.

Therefore the problem seems to lie in either sleeping, being asleep, or waking up while the media source is set to the SMB/Windows share. 

Please any suggestions??