'There is no media in the current folder' Error for Network Attached Storage

I have my WD TV Live SMP connected to a WD My Book World Edition II (NAS Device) over Wifi. My media library is compiled with videos from NAS using network share funtion. 

After coming out of standby mode SMP refuses to recognize the files in the NAS. When i click on media library, SMP gives an error " There is no media in the current folder". If i power off the SMP and bring it back on it will recognize the files after compiling media library. 

But the NAS also runs a Twonky Server and SMP recognizes the files using “Media Server” funtion without any issues. Unfortunately Twonky is not streaming metadata to SMP and so I am forced to use network share funciton. 

Is there a way to ensure SMP “wakes up” NAS after standby when accessing files using network share. Alternately if I could get Twonky to stream metadata and backdrops that will work as well. 


Did you select the automatic option to save your login information to the NAS share?, May be when the SMP comes out of standby it looses the login credientials and cannot see the NAS anymore and thereby giving " There is no media in the current folder".  

There is no way SMP can send WOL to a NAS device, But in my experience, the NAS comes alive when the SMP tries to access the files.

 Just a thought. I could be wrong.

I checked and it was not lossing the log in credentials. In fact once I power off (power button pressed for 3 sec) and and power on again it is able to see the files on NAS. 

Agree with you that it is probaly something to do with NAS. I checked NAS settings but there is no option to correct this. 

Any idea if DLNA server (like Twonky) can stream the metadata as well. Not sure if anyone tried and got it working. 


I may be wrong here as I do not use Media Servers myself, However, I do not think any of the “Media Servers” especially DLNA can serve Metadata information like what you would expect to see from a NAS Share where it has access to the XML files and JPG files etc; etc;

Your best bet would be to bring this issue to the appropriate NAS forums for My Book World Edition


May be the members there can help you with your NAS issue.

Hope this helps!